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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl manufactures external cladding for facades in various materials: aluminum, stainless steel, Alucobond panels, glass, wood, cor-ten sheet metal, outdoor panels, thus satisfying the most varied architectural needs. Through these different solutions it is possible to cover each building giving it a new image. Facade cladding has an enormous importance both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The solutions offered by Deltabi Costruzioni Srl for the cladding of commercial prefabricated facades, warehouses, exhibition halls, offices, banks and public establishments can be of various types. Continuous facades, ventilated facades, perforated panels, corrugated sheets, slatted cladding, composite cladding.

The quality of materials

In the construction of external facade cladding, the company prefers, in addition to the quality of the components, the choice of systems that guarantee safety, easy installation and simple maintenance. The technical choices are evaluated from time to time and proposed according to the essential characteristics that the façade system must have. First and foremost, durability, UV resistance, compatibility with the climatic and corrosion conditions of the installation site must be considered.
The experience gained in the execution of works of great quality and prestige, makes it possible to examine and develop any project in compliance with current national and European regulations. It also allows the use of innovative materials and solutions. More and more attention is paid to the study of cladding solutions that combine the aesthetic improvement of the building with the energy efficiency of the same, leading to significant reductions in consumption for heating and air conditioning, consequently solutions such as the ventilated façades are preferred: the latter allows, with an air gap between the existing building and the cladding, to create an air flow that maintains a constant temperature.
It is also possible to use cladding materials that have insulation properties, such as modular polyurethane sandwich panels or other composite materials, including Alucobond, a composite panel made up of two external aluminium supports and an internal mineral core. The excellent properties of this material guarantee an extraordinary ratio between weight and flexural strength, so the exterior panels will remain dimensionally stable and flat, even with extreme temperature fluctuations.

Cladding advantages

Facade cladding have several advantages, among which are listed:
– aesthetic improvement
– strengthening of energy services with relative access to tax benefits, if provided for by regulations
– increased acoustic and thermal insulation with reduced air conditioning and heating costs, creating a more pleasant indoor environment
– elimination of any infiltration of water or humidity
– ease of installation
– fast turnaround time
– easy restoration in the case of rental properties.
Deltabi Costruzioni Srl offers to its customers a wide range of choices and customizations. The external cladding for the facades can be made in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. All the materials used by the company comply with CE regulations. They ensure high parameters of performance, safety, load-bearing capacity, lightness and aesthetic value for extreme quality cladding.
Do you need to cover a façade or a roof? Deltabi Costruzioni, with its thirty years of experience, offers the right solution for you. Contact us for a quote or for more information.