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Our company realizes design staircases and railings, characterized by clean and essential lines, able to enhance the surrounding environment. Ideal for private homes, shopping centers, showrooms, shops, hotels. Our interior staircases are designed with modern lines and tailor-made according to the wishes and needs of the customer. We offer various models and types of staircases, such as spiral, cantilever or helical staircases.

Interior staircases and steel railings

Each staircase is made with quality materials such as stainless steel, which allows you to achieve maximum design flexibility. For railings we often use simple finishes and materials such as glass or light steel profiles, in order to give elegance, breadth and light to the structure.
In fact, steel is light and strong at the same time, and allows the construction of modern internal staircases, slender and in various geometries. In addition, stainless steel can be combined with other materials such as glass, wood or stone allowing you to emphasize the other components of the staircase: railings, handrails and steps.

Tailor-made staircases design

Thanks to our experience in the field of metal processing, each of our realizations is a guarantee of high quality. We help the customer choosing the type of staircase, materials and finishes most suitable for the environment, and the characteristics in which the staircase will be placed.
We work stainless steel or painted staircases, iron Cor-ten effect, very appreciated for the aesthetic qualities and deep nuances. Make it warm and welcoming even if of industrial inspiration.
After a careful analysis of the environment of destination, our trained staff realizes the project for the desired staircase, listening to every need of the customer and agreeing with him every aspect. If you need a modern and functional design staircase, contact us to receive all the necessary information or to request a quote.