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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl designs and manufactures prefabricated canopies, flexible structures, ideal for those who need to realize warehouse roofs, a carport or a connection canopy. The canopies are in fact roofs that offer many advantages. They can be installed close to a building allowing the use of the space, but also to increase the covered area.
Canopies can be used to create an area for the storage of materials or a production department. There are various types of canopies depending on requirements: fixed, mobile, cantilevered. The customized design offered by Deltabi Costruzioni Srl allows you to configure the canopy based specifically on your needs, making it suitable for any use. According to the customer’s needs, our company realizes the custom made canopy, guaranteeing the finished product complete with steel structures, the roofing with the most suitable materials, the eventual predisposition for overhead cranes with the relative running ways, small fairings, and finishing works.
The canopies are sturdy and offer shelter and protection, are quick to build and install, require little maintenance and leaner building permits. The canopies allow you to save time and money, they have lower prices compared to a more expensive and slower masonry project.


Deltabi Costruzioni Srl realizes canopies and shelters in hot-dip galvanized metalwork with PVC fabric cover. This type of roofing is waterproof and ensures excellent water tightness. The fixed canopies instead are made of a hot-dip galvanized steel core with PVC fabric cover or with sandwich panels.
The steel solution has many advantages over the traditional concrete solutions such as:
– quick construction and construction times.
– reduced weight of the structures that allows the construction in adherence to existing buildings due to the modest amount of foundation works.
– excellent anti-seismic resistance due to the low structural massiveness of the building and the extreme flexibility of steel.
– high resistance to corrosion thanks to surface protection treatments such as hot-dip galvanizing or painting.
– structures adaptable and expandable over time thanks to the possibility of preparing and integrating new elements.
– possibility of reuse of the work through easy disassembly and reassembly.
– eventual disposal of the work without costs due to the possibility of recycling the material.

Mobile steel canopies

Thanks to the high level of customization during the design phase, the customer can create the perfect cover in order to set up any type of environment from warehouses and depots to covered passages to garages for cars and company vehicles.