Shelters with tensile structure for a shop in Mahè

Realization of shelters with tensile structure in Mahè (Seychelles). It is about a series of shelters for a shop in which the main structure is realized with round tube profiles. Each PVC fabric converges towards the inside of the column that also act as dreinage system for the rain water. These kind of structures are also suitable to be installed on industrial plants.
Mahé (Saychelles)
Private client
Deltabi's team is formed by engineers and technicians prepared to respond with efficiency and speed to customers' requests, even to the most particular ones as in this case. One of the most used types of structure for the realization of special projects is the tensile structure, that is the set of components of a structure kept in position through tension. It is an innovative, dynamic and adaptable type of roofing, both for commercial environments and industrial plants, with quick assembly and great aesthetic impact. There are different types, however, usually consist of tie rods that support a cover of canvas, sheet metal or other materials. For this tensile structure installation, a series of canopies have been mounted outside a store in Mahè (Seychelles). The supporting structure is made of round tube profiles. In addition, each canopy converges inwards to drain rainwater inside the columns.