After a first meeting with the customer, Deltabi Costruzioni Srl identifies his needs and supports him in the best choice. Always considering the cost/benefit ratio, the company then proposes different and innovative solutions.

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The second phase is the internal design. It involves first of all the choice of construction types, materials and finishes. Then the executive, assembly and logistic drawings are developed.

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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl segue tutta la filiera produttiva, controllando periodicamente le attività, tracciando materiali e trattamenti per garantire qualità e resistenza.

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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl deals with sea, air and land shipments all over the world, realizing custom packaging and preparing, in addition, all the necessary documentation.

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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl provides well-trained installation teams and technical operators for the direction of the works, both in Italy and abroad.

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Every structure in Deltabi Costruzioni is delivered and installed with all the necessary certifications and regulations. We are UNI EN ISO certified.

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About us

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is one of the leader among manufacturers of metal carpentry in Italy and worldwide.

For over thirty years the company designs and builds prefabricated structures for industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential use, using metal steel and iron structures to build prefabricated sheds, industrial structures, staircases and parapets, canopies, mezzanines, shelters and carports.
The goal is to offer the customer a reliable and punctual service, based on feasibility studies, structural calculations and executive projects. Each type of realization designed by the team, from large industrial sheds to the construction of aluminum façades or external cladding, combines the long experience to the customer’s needs.

The choice of material is fundamental.

The choice of steel for the realization of the projects derives from the advantage of the ratio between mechanical resistance and specific weight of the materials, which guarantees static performances with reduced construction times, weights and overall dimensions.

30 years of experience

Professionalism, experience and competence are the values that characterize the reality of Deltabi Costruzioni Srl.

Each project is considered as a path that starts from the meeting with the customer and the study of his needs, to continue with the construction of the structure through an accurate choice of materials and components. Finally, we organize packaging, transport and installation in Italy and abroad for the construction of any type of plant: structures for warehouses, panels for external cladding or prefabricated garage.

The professionalism that characterizes the company derives from its many years of experience in the field, the competence in the area of prefabricated structures, in the use of quality materials and qualified technical resources.

With these values and characteristics, Deltabi Costruzioni supplies and designs prefabricated metal carpentry with the maximum efficiency, precision and attention to the specific needs of the customer. Each project is controlled in all phases by qualified staff, able to suggest the most appropriate solutions for the technical-economic optimization of the works and the building site issues, thus managing every process of the order.

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