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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is specialized in the design, construction and assembly of metal industrial structures. Some examples: decks for industrial plants, machinery support structures, furnace decks or for other storage or mixing plants, piperacks, hoppers, various supports, sound-absorbing walls, access ramps, fire-proof compartments and earthquake-proof consolidations.
Thanks to the use of technologically advanced machinery and a long and diversified experience in the field of light and heavy metal carpentry, the company is able to study and propose the best solution to meet the need to support the systems to the practical one, necessary for their proper operation and maintenance.
In the production of metal structures the experiences are multiple and range in various areas such as waste treatment, biomass plants, inert and mixing plants, petrochemical plants, storage plants.
Deltabi Costruzioni Srl offers complete study and design services guaranteeing “turnkey” realizations, by its 3D modeling softwares that integrate the design of the plant with that of the structures, thus eliminating the risk of interference between structures and plants.

Advantages of industrial steel structures

The main advantages of the industrial steel structures are:
– quick construction and installation times.
– easy integration of load-bearing structures with plant engineering
– construction of the elements considering the accessibility and logistics of the site, therefore possibility to operate even in confined spaces.
– ease of operation with adaptations and modifications thanks to the weldability of the steel.
– high corrosion resistance thanks to the surface protection treatments, such as hot-dip galvanizing or coating with cycles according to customer needs.
– adaptable and expandable structures over time thanks to the possibility of preparation and integration of new elements.
– ppossibility of reuse through ease of disassembly and reassembly.
The company is able to satisfy from small to large productions thanks to its particular attitude in solving problems that qualify its work. This allows
Deltabi Costruzioni Srl to be the ideal partner of our customers who, due to their belonging to several industrial sectors, submit multiple requests to which the company is able to follow up through personalized and technologically advanced performance. All metalwork and structural elements are supplied complete with certification according to EN 1090-1 and CE marking.
From an economic perspective, steel structures allow to contain costs, production times and, above all, maintenance operations. For this type of structures, the works necessary are limited to the assembly on site and involve a greater ease of replacement of components. The steel works are galvanized and painted in order to ensure corrosion protection and greater fire resistance.
If you need help to build any industrial stucture contact us for more information or a quote proposal. Our specialized technicians will be able to help you in the realization of your project.