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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl designs and manufactures steel staircases and railings for industrial, public, school and commercial buildings. The company manufactures indoor and outdoor staircases such as fire escape stairs, service staircases, steel staircases for machinery access to industrial plants, steel staircases to access to industrial lofts, vertical staircases to access the warehouse roofs or floors necessary for maintenance.
We have a wide-variety of solutions designed to ensure the final user safety. There are various models of stairs according to specific needs with different types of widths, materials, shapes, and components. The basic configuration of the staircase consists of a scheme of metal elements made solid by joining plates and bolts, and treads in grating or non-slip steel or aluminum diamond plate. The perimeter anti-fall parapets, designed and manufactured in compliance with current regulations, complete the configuration.

Steel staircases advantages

The main advantages to realize an industrial staircase are:
– quick construction and installation times.
– easy comply with all fire regulations.
– possibility of installation on existing buildings as self-supporting and with few predispositions of building works.
– light elements, and possibility of operating even in tight space.
– non-slip treads.

Emergency staircases

Metal carpentry staircases remain the most widely used solution in the field of safety and fire prevention. They are self-supporting, designed in compliance with all regulatory standards both in terms of stress and safety while maintaining the characteristics of steel, resistance and lightness.
Deltabi Costruzioni Srl has been designing and manufacturing safety and industrial staircases for more than thirty years, paying the utmost attention to safety by evaluating during the design phase the creation of suitable routes to allow the exodus of people in case of emergency situations, like fire or earthquake.
The safety staircases are made with non-combustible materials and with structures, walkways and iron parapets able to withstand the strong stresses required by the regulations. They meet the requirements of the client, providing an efficient solution for regulatory adaptations aimed at various industrial and commercial sectors. If you need to build an industrial staircase, please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice and a tailor-made quote.