Construction of outdoor iron stairs for digesters

Series of iron stairs for outdoor industrial built in the province of Padua for the access to digesters. Height from 15 to 18 meters, designed and supplied in hot-dip galvanized metal carpentry, completely independent from the surrounding and self-supporting structures. Steps and balconies are made of galvanized grid panel.
Private client
Deltabi took care of a series of industrial steel staircase towers for access to digesters in the province of Padua. The stairs, with a height from 15 to 18 meters, custom designed, respond to the functionality and needs of customers. Industrial staircases made of hot-dip galvanized metal carpentry, to protect them from atmospheric agents and therefore slow down the processes of corrosion or rust formation. The structures are completely independent from the surrounding structures and self-supporting. Galvanized grating panels have been used for steps and balconies. All types of staircases used are certified, and comply with all national and international conformity and quality standards. During the design and construction of external iron staircases it is necessary to respect not only structural and aesthetic rules but also external constraints for the protection of certain buildings. Thanks to the tailor-made design, the materials have been chosen from a wide range for greater customization.