Helicoidal interior stair

Helicoidal internal staircase with painted structure, and central stair stringer with calendered tube. Firstly, Deltabi was responsible for the complete realization of handrails, iron parapets with stainless steel ropes and tensioners. Deltabi followed the whole project to optimize time and resources, obtaining the guaranteed result.
Codroipo (UD)
Private client
For many years Deltabi also deals with the design and construction of internal staircases. Not only functionality but also aesthetics to obtain realizations that meet the tastes and needs of the customer. In this project we have been involved in the design of a helicoidal staircase for interiors in Codroipo in the province of Udine. The main steel structure has been painted for an optimal and bright finish, while the central tubular shaped stringer has been calendered obtaining the desired shape and curvature. The other elements that compose the realization as handrails and parapets with ropes and tensioners have been made of stainless steel, for a greater resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The use of a single material allows to obtain a stylistic coherence throughout the realization, and a greater harmony with the surrounding environment. The whole project has been followed by Deltabi in order to guarantee an optimization of resources and time while guaranteeing conformity certifications and international quality standards.